Huge yard, energy efficient, perfect kitchen – $235000

(This is the actual text I used to sell our house on Craigslist in January of 2014, for an explanation on this ad and more tips for listing your house on Craigslist, please see my post “Selling Your House on Craigslist, A Buyer’s Perspective“)


My wife and I are looking to sell our house and would like for you to consider buying it. Why you might ask? Well, let me explain …

First of all, the yard is big (over .45 acres) and has tons of grass to play in plus it backs up to a wooded area that is ideal for exploring. Deer and wild turkeys will come to visit occasionally which is cool. The back deck (which is right outside a glass sliding door … more on that later) is ideal for grilling making the back yard pretty much perfect for hanging out. What’s not to love? There’s a two-car garage and we’re leaving the lawn mowe so you don’t have to buy one.

Not convinced?

In that case, the kitchen is huge with a center island and tons of cabinet space plus a pantry. All appliances will come with the house including fridge, microwave, dish washer, and range (again, so you won’t have to buy them). The dining room and kitchen are basically one big room so your friends can drink beers at the table while you cook … good times. The deck opens off of the dining room and faces south so you get lots of sunlight year round. The fireplace is two-sided and can be enjoyed from the dining room or the living room. The living room is very open, large, and has huge windows both on the north (front of house) and south side (which as I mentioned gets a lot of light).

Still not convinced?

Upstairs are 4 large bedrooms, one of which is the master with an attached master bathroom, and one of which is gigantic and basically covers the entire area above the garage. Oh, and it has skylights.

Still not convinced?

We’ll leave the super energy efficient washer and dryer in the basement for you to use and enjoy. We installed a tankless water heater which heats water like there’s no tomorrow. Oh, and I built a large wooden storage system in the basement so finding a place to put your stuff shouldn’t be a problem.

Still not convinced?

Then maybe you should stop by and see the place for yourself. My name is Matt and my number is 734-686-5219. Give me a call if you want to see the place. We have a new baby in the house so please, only call if you’re actually serious about possibly buying the place. We have taken really good care of the place and would like to pass it on to someone that would do the same. Thanks!!

A note on realtors …. We will not be using a realtor for this transaction. Realtors charge 6% of the sales price as their fee (3% to buyer’s realtor and 3% to seller’s) which to me is way too much. In this case it would end up being $14,100! Don’t let any realtor convince you that they are necessary to a real estate transaction. Your mortgage company (or bank) does most of the work, and a good title company does the rest. If you absolutely must use a realtor, we would have to raise the sale price by $7010. I just can’t stomach paying someone $7010 for “brokering” the sale. Thanks for understanding.

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