Does white rice and wine kick me out of ketosis?

I did a blood test for ketone bodies in my blood before and after having an 8oz glass of red wine and a cup of rice.  The food lowered my beta-hydroxybutyrate level from 1.1 mmol/L to 0.8 mmol/L.  Meaning, it did drop my ketosis level a bit but my ketone levels remained high enough to still be in mild ketosis.

Amazon FBA – It’s all about inventory profitability, NOT ROI!!!

ROI is cool. It’s good to have a high ROI for the items that you sell. But ROI isn’t everything. It’s not even close to everything. Reason being … it doesn’t take into account the time you have to hold this inventory to get the stated ROI. In other words, if an item has a case quantity or minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 72 and you sell 12 per month, you have to purchase 6 months worth at at time. On average, assuming that you order right when you get to zero quantity you have 3 months worth of stock at all times. That is your investment. Your return is your monthly profit. Take your monthly profit and divide by your average inventory and you will get your monthly profitability.

As FBA sellers, we are investors. We invest our capital and get a return that is higher than what we could get investing in traditional investments. We should be measuring our returns as a percent per month. I shoot to get at least a 20% return per month on my invested capital.

February 15th, 2017 Ideas

1.  Start a consulting arm of the Amazon business.  Charge $100 per month and cap the number of clients at 10 or 15.  Run this as a pilot class with the intention of taking on more clients once the systems were up and running.

2.  Move forward helping Shawn start an Amazon business.

3.  Write to interesting people and give them ideas.

4.  Post lists of ideas on this website.

5.  Talk about title line in LinkedIn.

6.  Talk about credit card management in a blog post.  Talk about when to spend, how much to spend, and how to stagger due dates to optimize cash flow.


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