Amazon, Crypto, Real Estate, Kids, Relationships

How much capital do I allocate to crypto as opposed to Amazon inventory?   How much time to I allocate to building the Amazon business?  What type of client would be worth having?  Could I start consulting?  Consulting on real estate, Amazon FBA selling, and investing in cryptocurrencies.  What are the most important aspects of my…
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Selling FBA against Amazon as another seller

The general rule of thumb when selling FBA has always been to avoid like the plague listings where Amazon is also a seller.  This makes sense in a lot of ways.  You may have a repricer that has access to SOME of the available pricing data but Amazon has a repricer that has access to…
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Biodensity / Osteostrong core pull technique issues

I’ve been going to Osteostrong for 8 sessions so far and my core pull is the only exercise where my results are extremely erratic. Date Lbs 1/31/2020 5 2/7/2020 230 2/17/2020 184 2/27/2020 178 3/5/2020 208 10/20/2020 169 5/3/2021 251 5/10/2021 158 5/17/2021 166 5/24/2021 163 My best result was on 5/3/2021 after not going…
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Top benefits of quitting coffee … so far

It’s been 12 days since I’ve had coffee.  No regular and no decaf.  I haven’t had any caffeinated tea either.  In the past when I’ve tried to quit coffee or cut down on caffeine, I’ve usually just substituted regular coffee for decaf or strong gunpowder green tea.  By the way, decaffeinated coffee tastes terrible!  I’ll…
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Yoga and people pleasing

Here’s how to deal with your people pleasing tendencies in yoga.  First, understand why you’re at yoga, why you’re doing yoga.  Doing yoga is about integrating all parts of ourselves and understanding ourselves better.  It’s a moving meditation that gives us information.  That’s why you hear yoga instructors telling you to “just notice” if you…
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Day 10 of no coffee

I quit drinking coffee 10 days ago, feel amazing, and may never go back.  It was a crutch and for me it was a drug.  Every day was a coffee day, the stronger the better.  I absolutely loved it!  I would often start to look forward to coffee the night before and even plan out…
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Teachings from Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn says to work harder on yourself than on your job to become more valuable to the marketplace.  This is my focus today.  Creating raving fans out of my current clients and learning and growing to make myself more valuable to the marketplace.

Things that are not free

Stress is not free. Decisions are not free. Time is not free. Brain power is not free. Energy is not free. If you’re under stress, making decisions, spending time, using brain power, or using energy, be sure that you’re getting a return on your investment.