Retrain your brain to wake up early

Congratulations on taking a powerful step to make your life better by choosing to be an early riser!!!  I say “to be an early” instead of “to become an early riser” because by making the choice to read this post, you have already created a new identity.  As of now, you ARE an early riser!…
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February 15th, 2017 Ideas

1.  Start a consulting arm of the Amazon business.  Charge $100 per month and cap the number of clients at 10 or 15.  Run this as a pilot class with the intention of taking on more clients once the systems were up and running. 2.  Move forward helping Shawn start an Amazon business. 3.  Write…
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Amazon FBA Max Pricing

What does it mean when your repricer tells you that a certain number of your products are at your max price?  How do you set your max price?  Appeagle will tell you via the “All Available Fields” download what your current price is and what your max price is.  To find items that are at…
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The vast majority people who are employed or engaged in making money in some way are selling something.  It’s either their ideas, their products, or if you are applying for jobs … themselves.  Regardless of what/who you are selling, realize that as good as the product/idea/person is, some people will still say no.  Pick up the…
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Exercising the creativity muscles

James Altucher says that writing and creativity is like a physical muscle that needs to be exercised in order to be functioning at it’s peak.  Think of 10 ideas per day then throw them all out.  Eventually your “idea muscle” will get stronger and ideas will mix and meld and get better.

Journal Entry for Returning a Tenant’s Security Deposit

If you’re returning ALL of a tenant’s security deposit (good tenant, lucky you), the journal entry is very straightforward and is simply a reverse of the journal entry for receiving a security deposit.  It looks like this … Your liability account called “Tenant Security Deposits Held” gets debited and your checking account gets credited, meaning…
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