Biodensity / Osteostrong core pull technique issues

I’ve been going to Osteostrong for 8 sessions so far and my core pull is the only exercise where my results are extremely erratic.

Date Lbs
1/31/2020 5
2/7/2020 230
2/17/2020 184
2/27/2020 178
3/5/2020 208
10/20/2020 169
5/3/2021 251
5/10/2021 158
5/17/2021 166
5/24/2021 163

My best result was on 5/3/2021 after not going for 7 months.  My second best result was my second time going.  In the three times I’ve gone since my best result on 5/3/2021, my results have all been around 35% less than my high.  At the same time, all of my other results have been steadily increasing leading me to believe that there is something wrong with my form and technique.

The other option is that there is a difference in chair position or angle of arms between the results.

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