Biodensity / Osteostrong chest press – results, tips, and thoughts

Here are my Chest Press results from Biodensity machine .  My first session was on 5/2/2021 and I’ve gone weekly for 5 straight weeks.

Here is the chest press raw data.

Date Lbs % increase over 3 weeks prior
5/3/2021 780
5/10/2021 801
5/17/2021 926
5/24/2021 969 24.23%
6/1/2021 982 22.60%

It would be nice to see increases every week and so far, I’ve been able to attain that in the chest press.  I think that long term increases will not happen every single week so I added a column that shows percentage increase over the result from 3 weeks prior.  Another way to show incremental progress like this that may not show up with every data point is to use a moving average.






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