Amazon, Crypto, Real Estate, Kids, Relationships

How much capital do I allocate to crypto as opposed to Amazon inventory?   How much time to I allocate to building the Amazon business?  What type of client would be worth having?  Could I start consulting?  Consulting on real estate, Amazon FBA selling, and investing in cryptocurrencies.  What are the most important aspects of my life?  What am I doing right now that is perfectly aligned with my mission?  My kids are a huge part of my mission.  Would it make sense to travel a lot for work with and competing need/desire to spend as much time with them while I have the chance?  What type of mission could I get behind assuming that it’s someone else’s idea?  How do I want to do relationships?  Complete honesty.  Not holding back on who I am and what is important to me.  Tending to my own proverbial garden and expecting and allowing everyone else to tend to theirs.  Always and continually open to the world and whatever opportunities arise.  Seeking business and personal relationships that energize me and where I can be of service to others.  What are the ways I can spend my time when the kids are here and playing with friends?  Ideally pursuits that don’t involve a screen.  Is yoga teacher training in my future?  Is it time to set that as a goal and pursue it?  GI Bill for YTT?

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