Vivos Dental Device – My Experience


Throughout my life I have had an extremely hard time breathing out of my nose.  It was hard to get deep breaths.  My lips were continually chapped and I would wake up frequently with a dry mouth.

The difficulty breathing came in a few forms.  One was that it was virtually impossible to get a deep breath through my nose.  There’s that final part of a breath that is very satisfying when the breath is deep and that never happened when I was nasal breathing.  What would also happen was that if I was only breathing out of my nose, I would eventually just get out of breath and would need to open my mouth and gasp for air.  There just wasn’t enough air coming into my lungs if I consciously only breathed out of my nose.

On 11/23/2021 I got evaluated for a Vivos Appliance.

I got my evaluation done


On Wednesday January 21st I received my first Vivos appliance.

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