Separating the work from the money … the money will follow

There’s the work we do in the world and there’s the money we make and these two are not the same thing.  There’s also this concept when someone is transitioning from working just for money to working in their area of passion that the eventual income will be a sign that they’ve “made it”.  But the work is an end in and of itself.  The results may not need to be measured in currency.

I’ve heard more times thank I care to admit something to the extent of “do what you love and the money will follow”.  I agree with this in principle although I have yet to manifest this in my life fully.

My advice for people moving in the direction of passion, as I am, is to mark your success by something other than money.  If you truely believe that “money will follow” then don’t make it a goal at the start.  If you want to help people one-on-one, instead of having a goal of say, making $1000/month seeing clients by 1 year from now, change it to a goal of seeing 10 patients per month.  Or better yet, changing 10 peoples’ lives per month by a year from now.

The money will follow.


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